Yoga for everyone

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India is the birthplace of yoga. Yoga probably exists for thousands of years. There are many styles. At Yogakey you learn the energetic and flowing style of Ashtanga Yoga, which has a series of exersizes in fixed order. That's nice and clear.

There are several possibilities and different levels to learn about these series. So everyone can join in and experience how good control of breath makes the movements light and smooth. Do you know the order of your personal exercise? And you know which options are good for your body?

You can do yoga anywhere, because you actually do not need anything. It also takes very little space and you can also do yoga outdoors. That's why Yoga is often the key to daily exercise, relaxation and a healthier life. Many people have already discovered this, making yoga very popular today.

Ashtanga yoga has become known worldwide by the teachings of Pattabhi Jois, his family and their students. A major advantage of Ashtanga Yoga is the system and versatility for different levels. There are eight parts that you can pay attention to. So not only body control but also lifestyle, self-observation, breath control, withdrawal of senses, concentration, meditation and joyful life. You can read more about Ashtanga Yoga:

Manju Pattabhi Jois
Pattabhi Jois

Starting with yoga

Yoga begins by just doing it. Learning yoga can not be done in one lesson. You can join a yoga course of 10 sessions with Yogakey. Such a course is also suitable to freshen up your existing yoga skills. There are slow lessons and active lessons. There are also classes with an additional theme like yoga voice. In these classes, there is also focus on the voice.

In the classes we do a yoga series: a fixed sequence of postures and movements. Depending on your level, there are several options to execute the series. Over time you will learn more exercises and more options. You always choose a specific option, so over time you build up a yoga series that suits you. By regularly doing yoga, you will notice the effects both physically and mentally.